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Development Grant

The Development Program is an authorized program of the Nebraska Recreation and Park Association, designed to provide financial assistance to units of government (cities, towns, villages, counties, municipalities, political subdivisions as defined by state law, or non profit groups) to establish, develop and improve recreation and park areas.  Maximum grant award $2,000.00
Application is due May 1st.

Criteria for Assistance

Each project must be sponsored by a city, town, village, county, municipality, political subdivision, as defined by state law, or non profit group with statutory authority and capability to develop and manage Public recreation areas.
The recreation area or park must have a comprehensive plan for the project.

Eligible projects include, but are not limited to the following:
- Development of a recreation area plan.
- Land acquisition (eligible only if a recreation area is developed at the same time).
- Grading, seeding and landscaping that directly supports park and recreation facilities.
- Public recreation facilities.
- Projects must conform to all local state and federal laws.
- Priority will be given to projects that have matching funds.
- Priority will be given to projects that go beyond minimum accessibility standards.

Requesting Reimbursement
Upon completion of the project, the sponsor may request reimbursement from the Nebraska Recreation and Park Association by providing the following:
- Certificate of completion.
- Copies for the final estimates, invoices of deed(s).
- Picture(s) of the completed project.